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Opinion Piece: The Gift of Redefinition

Opinion Piece: The Gift of Redefinition

I love change, I crave the adventure and adrenaline-induced high of stepping into the unknown, so I've always been fascinated by the idea of reinvention, having built a Twenty Four year long career in the media, print, television and film industry means I might have narrowed the idea of reinvention to only aesthetics, thank fully my perspective has evolved.

The truth is; Redefinition, though eventually manifesting itself physically, possible resulting in a change in appearance even, has its genesis within. It is always about expanding your concept of self, simplifying it to its purest purpose, or letting go of what no longer serves you in order to create a platform for a new ideas, opportunities and direction to germinate.


Not all old ideas are dead weight, the best of ideas can become detrimental when no space is created for adjustment or growth. Some of these concepts of ourselves can manifest themselves in our careers, causing us to hold on to a job or role that no longer fulfills us, in relationships; tying us to people that once represented an idea of ourselves we once bought into or a person we now feel indebted to, or habits and thoughts, even countries.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with fighting for an idea or dream, but we step into limitation when a dream or idea begins to burden and enslave us. Where we have perhaps grown so attached to it, the relationship becomes parasitical in nature. When the thought of discarding it is unthinkable, even when it has begun to hurt us.


When faced with ourselves, we must deem no thought unthinkable, no dialogue taboo, and no question impermissible, without these comfortable probes, transformation is not possible. We are always being invited to the edge, to let go and let new.